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In 2020, Atlas Molded Products revitalized its commitment to sustainability since we recognized the future of our industry is predicated on our ability to find sustainable solutions that ensure future generations can meet their economic needs. Join us on our exciting journey to advance the sustainability of molded polystyrene!

Nationwide Recycling & Collection
  • Recycled more than 16 million pounds of Molded Polystyrene in 2020, through post-consumer and post-industrial channels
  • Recycling Collection at all 16 Atlas Molded Products facilities across North America link to page within with addresses for all plants
  • More than 2.3 million pounds of post consumer Molded Polystyrene collected in 2020
Product Solutions & Innovation

Expanded polystyrene is available in a variety of shapes and sizes providing high shock absorption, high thermal resistance, and high compressive strength for construction, packaging, and OEM applications. Due to its unique properties, it provides more effective protective packaging or thermal properties over other materials and was even selected by the Department of Defense as the exclusive material to ship the COVID-19 vaccines.

More recent technology has developed a resin that facilitates anaerobic biodegradation of material in biologically managed or wetter landfill conditions in 4 years. This innovative technology provides the same thermal and physical properties as typical EPS for applications such as protective packaging or cold chain applications.

Messaging & Advocacy

EPS contributes to a safer, healthier, and more energy-efficient society. Because of this, Atlas is dedicated to sustainability and supporting a circular economy. As an extension of our commitment, we provide support and guidance to our customers, supply chain partners, and local municipalities to increase EPS collection for recycle and limit the amount of material diverted to the landfill.