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Atlas Geofoam Lightweight Fill

Atlas Geofoam is a lightweight engineered fill that is designed to deliver the highest level of stability for transportation, commercial construction, and landscaping applications. Due to its physical strength and predictable dimensional properties, you can feel confident that you have full control over your geotechnical projects.

Manufactured under an industry-leading quality control program, Atlas Geofoam meets or exceeds ASTM D6817 standards, providing an HFC free, recyclable, and cost-effective solution for all your lightweight fill needs. Think Beyond the Block™ with Atlas Geofoam.


  • Predictable material behavior due to dimensionally stable properties
  • Lightweight fill weighing approximately 1/100th the weight of soil
  • Speed & ease of use provides time and labor savings
  • Value engineering available to provide custom sizes and layouts
  • Integrated termite protection available for additional protection
  • Limited 10 year warranty
CTA Architectural 580x387
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