What Is the Best Wine Shipping Protective Packaging Solution?

What Is the Best Wine Shipping Packaging Solution 1

There are several risks when it comes to shipping wine. From glass breaking to tainted taste, there is a lot that can happen during the delivery process that can ruin a bottle. This is why choosing the right protective packaging for wine is so important.

When shipping wine, there are two things to consider: drop testing and temperature control.

Drop testing is one of the most important factors in choosing good packaging. It ensures that packaging will keep the wine bottles safe and unbroken throughout the shipping process.

Temperature control is often overlooked when researching wine shipping boxes but could be the key to maintaining the integrity and flavor profile of the wine.

Selecting packaging with these two factors in mind will ensure your wine is delivered in pristine condition with no damage to the bottle or the taste. So, how do you know if a shipping solution meets these needs and which to choose? Keep reading to find out.

Determining Shipping Safety

What Is the Best Wine Shipping Packaging Solution 2

You can never fully predict what will happen to the product once it leaves your facility. That’s why it’s important to choose packaging that will keep your wine bottles safe from the moment they leave the original destination until they arrive at their final destination.

The first step in finding what wine protective packaging is best is by looking for an ISTA drop test recognized product. The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) writes test procedures that define how packages should perform to ensure protection for the contents within.

Finding packaging that has undergone rigorous testing through the ISTA methods means you won’t have to worry about any broken bottles upon delivery.

In addition, shock performance is vital to ensuring the safety of the wine bottles. Finding packaging tested specifically for shock and impact performance may be the key to successful deliveries.

Checking Temperature Control

What Is the Best Wine Shipping Packaging Solution 3

Heat damage is a very prevalent concern when it comes to protecting wine. There is nothing worse than opening a compromised bottle of wine that has turned sour from extreme heat exposure.

Despite heat being detrimental, most wine shipping boxes do not have insulation to protect against extreme temperatures.

However, molded polystyrene wine shippers are the perfect solution to protect during shipment, as the polystyrene provides incredible insulation. In addition, these molded wine shippers come with slots in the center and sides of the foam, perfect for slipping in an ice or gel pack for added protection.

Who Offers the Best Wine Shipping Packaging?

What Is the Best Wine Shipping Packaging Solution 4

There are several options you could choose from, but Atlas DuraTherm Cold Chain Packaging leads the way for wine shipping.

DuraTherm® Cold Chain Packaging from Atlas Molded Products features an innovative tightening system that minimizes movement while providing exceptional cushioning with robust chamfered edges and increased wall thicknesses. This wine packaging provides the highest level of protection in the market.

What Is the Best Wine Shipping Packaging Solution 5

Atlas Molded Products offers wine shippers in a variety of configurations to meet your needs. We offer the most common 6-pack and 12-pack shippers, along with 1, 2 and 3 bottle options when necessary. No matter what your needs are, Atlas provides innovative shipping solutions.

Atlas wine shippers will fit any standard size bottle of wine, but can also accommodate specialty bottles as well. Skinnier wine bottles that are close to standard will still be securely protected in the shippers.

While 95% of wine bottles fit in the standard shipper, Atlas also has DuraTherm® Magnum Wine Shippers for those extra-large bottles.

Unsure if your bottles will fit? Check out the dimensions and details for our wine shippers.

Choose Atlas for Wine Shipping Solutions

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Atlas DuraTherm® Cold Chain Packaging ensures that wine will be in an appropriate temperature-controlled shipper and that the bottles will remain unbroken throughout the shipping process.

Learn more about DuraTherm® Cold Chain Packaging on our website, or contact our experts to discuss any specific needs.