Two Reasons to Use EPS Protective Packaging (+ Examples)

Two Reasons to Use EPS Protective Packaging Examples 1

Selecting the right packaging to ship your product in can be challenging. There are so many options to choose from depending on your specific needs.

If protection is the utmost priority, there is no better protective packaging material than EPS. It is durable, versatile and able to keep your product secured for the duration of the shipping process.

Why Choose EPS for Protection?

Two Reasons to Use EPS Protective Packaging Examples 2

There are several distinct benefits in choosing EPS protective packaging products.

EPS packaging designs are moldable, so you can ensure a perfect fit for your products. EPS also cushions and protects products during the entire distribution and storage process. For products that need to be temperature controlled, EPS packaging provides exceptional insulation to keep the contents chilled when combined with a cooling agent such as dry ice or ice packs.

EPS is one of the most lightweight protective packaging materials, and its intuitive structure absorbs energy on impact and keeps the shock from traveling to the protected product.

There are several reasons to use EPS protective packaging, but let’s take a closer look at two of them and why molded polystyrene is such a valuable asset during shipping.

#1: Protection From Impact

Two Reasons to Use EPS Protective Packaging Examples 3

EPS provides superior product protection from significant drops and impact.

The structure of molded polystyrene is incredibly durable and built to withstand a significant amount of force while also providing enough cushion so the product inside remains intact and damage-free. EPS protective packaging absorbs the shock, so your product stays safe.

#2: Protects Surface Appearance

Two Reasons to Use EPS Protective Packaging Examples 4

The tight, custom fit of EPS packaging means the product’s surface appearance is protected from any vibrations during transportation (whether from traveling on a truck, train or boat, or from being moved by hand or on a forklift). This means the surface of the product remains pristine and unmarked by the packaging material.

For extra protection, slip sheets can be used as an additional safety measure if you are concerned about labels or exterior décor scratching during transit.

Examples of EPS Protective Packaging

Two Reasons to Use EPS Protective Packaging Examples 5

EPS can be used in a variety of protective packaging applications. Let’s look at a few unique examples that showcase the flexibility and structural integrity of molded polystyrene.

Example 1: Window Transportation

Two Reasons to Use EPS Protective Packaging Examples 6

EPS is often used for industrial protective packaging due to its strength, durability and flexibility.

For example, when transporting windows, a plain cardboard box offers little to no protection to delicate glass and frame materials, especially against any unexpected bumps or drops.

Corner protectors made of EPS are a standard Atlas product that can easily slide onto the four corners of the window to keep it safe during shipping. The EPS provides additional cushioning and shock absorption, so the window won’t break — even if it is dropped.

Example 2: Wind Turbines

While you can put bracing around a wind turbine during transit, that’s still not enough protection.

For one customer, Atlas Molded Products created a custom-shaped foam that cradled the turbines on a truck to ensure they traveled to their location safely. This way, unexpected shocks didn’t damage the delicate wind turbines.

Why Atlas Molded Products Protective Packaging?

Two Reasons to Use EPS Protective Packaging Examples 7

Atlas Protective Packaging has several specific benefits that set us apart from competitors.

Utilizing state-of-the-art CAD software, our designers can produce a fabricated part that will precisely fit your product, ensuring a snug fit for your product, reducing risk of damage.

Atlas’ in-house packaging engineers are also available to provide 3D modeling and prototyping services. Plus, with 16 manufacturing facilities, we provide nationwide coverage which greatly reduces your shipping costs.

Atlas EPS products are environmentally friendly, being 100% recyclable at the end of their service life. They can be dropped off at any of our locations for recycling.

Choose Atlas for All Your Protective Packaging Needs

Two Reasons to Use EPS Protective Packaging Examples 8

Atlas Molded Products can create protective packaging for any type of product that you need. From as small as a window to as large as a wind turbine, Atlas has you covered.

Learn more about Atlas Protective Packaging on our website, or contact one of our experts to discuss your specific needs.