Selecting the Best Material for Garage Door Insulation

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Today’s homeowners expect more out of every product they use in their home — and that includes garage doors. Besides modern and elegant design, they want a door that provides high-quality insulation, as insulated garage doors have several benefits to them, including durability, energy efficiency and increased home value.

An easy and cost-effective way for OEM garage door manufacturers to add insulation is by using Atlas custom, prefabricated laminated EPS insulation panels to the back of the doors. This way, manufacturers can focus on what they do best, without having to worry about creating the insulation themselves.

Why All Garage Doors Need Insulation

Regardless of the material garage doors are made from, insulation is essential to meeting end-user expectations. The insulation material used to fill the gaps between the garage door panels determines the success of the final product.

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Insulated garage doors are long-lasting, energy-efficient, durable, and more protective than non-insulated options. They are also much quieter and keep the garage interior at a stable temperature all year long.

Insulation transforms a normal garage door into an investment piece that increases the home’s value.

EPS Provides Exceptional Performance

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One particular product used as an insulation in garage doors is a polyurethane foam. OEM manufacturers “spray” the foam between the front decorative panel and the back panel facing the interior of the garage. While this seems like a quick and simple insulation method that is easy to incorporate into factory-manufactured garage doors, the product is expensive and the foaming process can be messy.

Instead, manufacturers should consider Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation. This insulation solution provides exceptional performance for a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle. Not only does EPS insulation provide an exceptional R-value from the start, but it is also designed to maintain its effectiveness for its entire lifespan.

EPS Helps Manufacturers Meet Client Needs

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What really sets EPS above the competition is its ability to be completely customized to exactly what a manufacturer needs, regardless of size or configuration.

Thanks to the molding and fabricating process and flexibility of the expanded polystyrene, EPS can be shaped and tailor-made into whatever manufacturers need: any thickness, any shape, any specification.

Three Benefits of Atlas Rigid Insulation

EPS insulation from Atlas Molded Products is the perfect choice for OEM manufacturers who need garage door insulation that is embossed, laminated and cut to tight tolerances BEFORE it arrives in their facility.

Tight Tolerances

Atlas offers pre-manufactured components that any garage door manufacturer can customize to fit their door options. That’s because Atlas can make EPS insulation products exactly to specification, with no need to adjust panels to fit once it reaches the manufacturing facility.

Tight tolerances keep the insulation durable, reliable and consistent with long-lasting performance and quality.

Atlas’ pre-manufactured components can also add the facing, too, to save time and effort for garage door manufacturers.


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In the insulation market, Atlas isn't just an insulation supplier. Atlas can also provide custom fabrication services, including embossing panels with manufacturers’ exact pattern. Manufacturers provide a design file and Atlas takes care of the rest, so when the insulation arrives for installation, it will fit perfectly in place.


Depending on the customer, Atlas can laminate fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) to the foam. The FRP adds an extra layer of structure, protection and durability to the insulation panels.

Once the EPS insulation panels are formed, the laminate is glued and secured to the back so the manufacturer doesn't have to add this step themselves.

Most garage doors have a metal front with a laminate back that usually looks like smooth plastic. Atlas will secure a laminate backing by gluing the FRP to their EPS products, so manufacturers have one less step before completion of the final product.

Choose High-Quality, Custom-Shaped Garage Door Insulation

Using EPS insulation by Atlas Molded Products saves garage door manufacturers time and money while offering an extra level of durability and efficiency, thanks to state-of-the-art technology. And the best part? Insulation from Atlas is 100% recyclable at the end of their service life, providing an environmentally-friendly solution (something end-user customers will love).

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