EPS Thermal Packaging Solutions for Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical suppliers require shipping solutions that can deliver their products as expected and intact. In an industry where demand is high and product safety is key, the right packaging for your pharmaceutical products is essential … and could save your company’s bottom line.

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The Challenges of Shipping Pharmaceuticals

One of the biggest challenges of shipping pharmaceutical products is ensuring the safety of contents that require a temperature-controlled environment.

“From tarmacs to trailers, temperature fluctuations may negatively impact many healthcare shipments,” according to UPS, which recommends high-quality packaging to prevent the damage of shipped products.

Another obstacle to shipping these types of products is preventing damage during movement. Many pharmaceutical products are fragile (like glass bottles) and require packaging that absorbs any shock that might occur during transit or while in storage.

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Does Your Packaging Have What It Takes?

There are many things to consider when choosing a packaging solution. Keep these points in mind when comparing options.

Meets shipping regulation requirements:

There are a few agencies that dictate how pharmaceutical products need to be transported. “Regulations regarding medical shipments vary widely from country to country. Certain products may be subject to standards set by both the FDA and DEA (depending on the nature of the product),” according to UPS.

Packaging that reduces waste:

Your packaging products shouldn’t contribute to the growing issue of pollutants and energy consumption. Extra packaging materials are unnecessary, and the packaging you choose should protect your products reliably and minimize waste.

Offers a safe environment for temperature-sensitive products:

“Select the appropriate level of pre-qualified temperature-controlled packaging (TCP), which has been tested and validated to maintain a specific temperature range for a particular period of time,” recommends the UPS.

Customized packaging solutions:

Pharmaceutical companies need to not only meet government regulations but the needs of the clients they’re working with as well. Some pharmaceutical products might need a custom-made solution to protect the goods being shipped.

The right packaging for pharmaceuticals should protect the integrity of the goods delivered. “Medicine - for the most part - is going to be exceedingly fragile. If the contents inside are damaged in any way, there’s a good chance the products can no longer be sold,” according to USA Truckload.

During a global pandemic, when people are staying at home more and pharmacies keep limited hours, it’s more crucial than ever for packaging products to be reliable, affordable and readily available.

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The Best Thermal Packaging for Pharmaceuticals

There are several options for protecting pharmaceutical products but one material surpasses the others. Expanded polystyrene insulation, or EPS, has been around for decades as a packaging solution.

EPS is an ideal thermal packaging solution for pharmaceutical products, for many reasons.

  • EPS packaging designs are moldable, which gives pharmaceutical companies solutions for custom shipping.

  • Packaging made from EPS effectively cushions and protects products during the entire distribution process and storage.

  • EPS packaging is offered in a variety of temperature-controlled options to ensure the safety of temperature-sensitive contents.

  • Another benefit? Most EPS products are 100% recyclable and can contribute to your pharmaceutical company’s eco-conscious vision. Everyone wins.

  • Packaging partners are available and easily accessible to the pharmaceutical industry.

A Partner in Thermal Packaging Solutions

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Delivering pharmaceutical products safely is critical, especially when more people are ordering products online and expect their packages on time and intact. Choosing the right packaging partner can make all the difference. Atlas Molded Products has locations nationwide and dedicated customer service to ensure you receive the most reliable shipping solutions. You can count on Atlas to ensure your products are shipped successfully, without damage or loss of product.

Let Atlas help you protect and deliver your pharmaceutical products. Check out the products page and brochures to get more information on how Atlas can provide you with the high-quality, reliable thermal packaging solutions you are looking for.