5 Main Benefits of ThermalStar® Flute Fill Roof Insulation

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Insulation is a vital component of a building’s envelope and contributes to overall energy efficiency and performance. ThermalStar® Flute Fill provides unmatched quality, with a stable, long-term R-value that will last the lifetime of your structure.

ThermalStar® Flute Fill is the perfect engineered and customizable insulation solution for your new or retrofit metal roof. Not only is it cost-effective and energy-efficient, but it is also built to outlast and outperform the competition.

Here are five key benefits of the ThermalStar® Flute Fill system.


No matter what your insulation needs are, ThermalStar® Flute Fill is customizable to fit any project. Whether you’re filling a large expanse or small, irregular gaps, this product can be cut to whatever size needed without power tools or special equipment.

The ability to easily profile cut each piece to fit the exact needs of any size project provides unique flexibility that simply isn’t seen in other products.

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Save on Costs

Metal roof replacements are one of the most expensive roof projects on the market. But retrofitting with ThermalStar® Flute Fill is an ideal solution that will save you time and decrease your budget.

Other insulation options can account for half of the cost of the entire project. But with ThermalStar® Flute Fill, you can get the high-quality, customizable insulation you need without exponentially increasing the overall cost or reducing efficiency. It delivers the same impact and energy efficiency as other expensive alternatives.

Lastly, with a limited lifetime warranty for physical and thermal performance, you can rest easy knowing you’re covered.

Long-Term R-Value

It is important to choose a product that performs, but it is equally important to choose a product that lasts. ThermalStar® Flute Fill is designed with longevity in mind. It has a stable R-value over the life of the product and offers consistent and continuous protection against heat transfer. It is built to perform for the entire life of a structure and made to outlast other insulation alternatives.

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Moisture Control

All ThermalStar® insulation products are made from high-quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) which does not readily absorb moisture. The material has a closed-cell structure which reduces absorption and moisture migration. Plus, EPS will not lose its structural integrity over the course of freeze-thaw cycles.


Atlas is proud to offer an environmentally-friendly insulation solution that helps reduce the environmental and economic harms of excessive energy use by achieving a minimum level of energy efficiency for the building and its systems.

ThermalStar® Flute Fill does not include HCFCs, HFCs, or formaldehyde in any of its materials, providing high-performance insulation with a low global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion potential (ODP).

ThermalStar® Flute Fill can also be reused or recycled if a roof is torn off and replaced, so none of the material will end up in a landfill. Atlas believes smart, eco-friendly solutions are an investment in the future.

Multiple Compressive Strengths Available

With three compressive strengths to choose from, you can ensure you have the right R-value and density for your project’s specific needs.


ThermalStar® Flute Fill is available as 10, 13 and 15 psi, which have 3.9, 3.9 and 4.2 R-values respectively.

Whatever your project’s size and needs are, ThermalStar® Flute Fill will deliver.

Save Time and Money With ThermalStar® Flute Fill

ThermalStar® Flute Fill is a low-cost, customizable insulation solution that delivers high-quality, consistent and continuous protection against heat transfer and moisture.

ThermalStar® Flute Fill is the perfect insulation choice for metal roof retrofits saving you time and money.

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