4 Benefits of Using Geofoam for Bridge and Highway Construction Projects

Geofoam is a lightweight engineered fill designed to deliver the highest level of stability for transportation, commercial construction and landscaping applications.

Due to its physical strength and predictable engineering quality, you can feel confident that you have complete control over your geotechnical projects. Geofoam is an innovative fill product perfect for bridge abutments, retaining structures, soil stabilization and other land forming systems.

Manufactured under an industry-leading quality control program, Geofoam meets or exceeds ASTM D6817 standards, providing an HFC-free, recyclable and cost-effective solution for all your lightweight fill needs.

Let's take a closer look at the four main benefits of Geofoam.

Predictable Engineering Quality

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Thanks to its dimensionally stable properties, Geofoam is engineered to perform consistently in every situation and is an enduring alternative with less risk of compact damage than other fill materials.

Geofoam is lightweight, durable, incredibly strong under natural circumstances. It is the perfect structural fill in areas where soil instability or other natural subsurface considerations like fault lines, water tables or steep slopes pose a real threat to a project’s stability and longevity.

Made from molded polystyrene, Geofoam is exceptionally lightweight, weighing approximately 1/100th of soil’s weight, significantly reducing the stress on underlying or adjoining soils and structures


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Geofoam comes in standard block sizes of 32”, 36” or 40” x 48”x 96” — but your bridge or highway site may need something more custom.

That’s why some Geofoam manufacturers offer custom block sizes up to 50” x 72” x 288”. Plus, it’s available as blocks, sheets, tapers and custom CNC sizes to fit whatever your fill needs are. To save on time and labor, the blocks can be easily cut to size in the field utilizing a hot wire cutter, so your project can stay right on schedule.

While Geofoam is great for bridge and highway projects, it can also be used for stadium risers, commercial construction, landscaping projects and other transportation projects as well.

If termites are ever a concern, you can add optional integrated termite resistance to your order for long-term protection.


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Not only are Geofoam lightweight blocks engineered to the highest quality and customizable for your project’s unique needs, but the blocks are also one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. Geofoam is perfect for any budget — and may save you more than you think.

Due to their lightweight nature, Geofoam blocks are easy to transport, move around on-site and install, resulting in copious labor savings. There is no need for any heavy machinery or extra hands during installation, resulting in fewer equipment and labor costs overall.

Each block interlocks allowing you to fill large areas quickly without compaction. Their interlocking capabilities mean there’s no risk of horizontal movement or shifting over time.

Unlike dirt or concrete, there is no need to halt a project every time there’s inclement weather, which keeps your project on schedule and, therefore, on budget.

Geofoam blocks are engineered to be more than just your average filler. They are the cost-effective and smart solution that will help your project stay under budget and ahead of schedule.


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More and more specifiers and architects are proactively promoting more sustainable practices on job sites, with Geofoam being one of the most environmentally-friendly filler options available.

Geofoam blocks are free of any hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), and they are 100% recyclable at the end of their service life. When a bridge or highway is torn down, the blocks are easily compressed and sent to a recycling facility instead of a landfill.

Concerned with what may be lurking inside the blocks? The cells simply contain air and polystyrene, providing an environmentally-friendly solution with a low global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion potential (ODP).

With Geofoam, there is no leaking of chemicals or any other hazardous material into the ground.

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